British National Party

Edmund Standing, April 19th 2009, 4:07 pm What the BNPs modernisation reveals about modern Britain The BNPs rebranding strategy reveals something very interesting about Britain, and white British people in particular. For years, by promoting racial nationalism, the BNP remained an utterly marginal organisation, largely attracting hardcore racists, skinheads, and

Has Marriage had it

  Every day I trawl the web looking for interesting articles to bring to your screen. Tonight I happened to chance across an article called… ” Do we need Black Mariage Day?” Personally, & I have to be honest here, I hadn’t actually heard of the initiative and so proceeded to

African Medicine; Book Cover

AFRICAN MEDICINE The E-Book This holistic health guide is the first book ever to disclose the closely guarded healing secrets of Yoruba priests. It covers the history, methods, and healing treatments of a 10,000 year old West African Tradition. This amazing book consolidates African Spiritual Science and holistic healing into

The Visual Representation, Role and Origin of Black Soldiers in British Army Regiments During the Early Nineteenth Century.
Presented by Mr John D Ellis as part of the requirement of the MA Degree in Nineteenth Century Culture and Society.
University of Nottingham, September 2000.

A look at the position of the average African and average African-American revealed some surprising parallels. For the purpose of simplifying this piece, I will generalize even when I know there are exceptions. I also know Alexander Dumas warned that all generalizations are dangerous, so don’t snap as you read. Treat this as an honest start of an authentic dialogue which all Africans in the Diaspora must have.