The Slave Trade - Walvin

When I was asked to review “The Slave Trade” By James Walvin, It was with some trepidation because I had read many books on the Slave Trade during my time as a student and expected some weighty and wordy tome that would have to be waded through and then deciphered before I could even

Black Sailor at Waterloo

Black British Timeline First era of large scale settlement of blacks in Britain. Spans period of Britain’s involvement in the tri-continental slave trade. Black slaves were in attendance as sea captains sauntered through the streets. In Tottenham, All Hallows Church baptismal register records “John Cyras, Captain Madden’s black” in March

Slave Ship

Letter by Courtenay Francis Raymond Barnett Arawak House, Queen Street, P.O. Box 45, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands Prime Minister Anthony Blair 10 Downing Street London SW 1 ENGLAND Dear Prime Minister Blair, Subject : A case for an apology and reparations for Africans and people of the African