Mark Hendrick

Mark Hendrick is a black politician in the U.K house of Commens. He entered the Commons on November 24 2000. Many of his Commons interventions have been on European matters, where he has taken the opportunity to attack Conservative policy. Mark Hendrick entered the Commons on November 24 2000, ‘Super

Contributed Post: By Roddy NewmanWhile the British media has uncovered a number of Rupert Murdoch scandals which have thankfully led to a reduction in his influence in this country, it has not reported, or has barely reported many horrible things which his media empire does in Britain, the US, and Australia. This article is about those overlooked Murdoch scandals.

Chi Onwura

Chi Onwurah, MP   Labour MP for Newcastle Central. Entered Parliament May 6th General Election 2010. Chinyela ‘Chi’ Onwurah was born in Newcastle in 1965. She attended Kenton School before studying Electrical Engineering, graduating from Imperial College in 1987. Ms Onwurah worked in hardware and software management, product management, market

Lord David Pitt

    Lord David Pitt ,Baron Pitt of Hampstead, now deceased was the longest serving Black Parliamentarian, having been granted a life peerage in 1975. Born in Grenada, he came to Britain in 1933 to study medicine at Edinburgh University. His achievements in his two chosen careers of medicine and