Publications on slavery: A4 Monographs: Cost between £1 & £6: Courtesy of Marika Sherwood & Nigel Pocock  Vol. I English Slavers in the Caribbean and Africa: An historical and psychosocial approach  Vol. II Slavery, Africa, and Reparations  Vol. III A Resource Book for the History of Slavery

A reading list of books related to the ongoing Black presence in Britain, Slavery, colonialism and black Settlement in the U.K The list is by no means exhaustive! Books about Black British History Staying Power-The History of Black people in Britain by Peter Fryer (Pluto Press 1984) Black England-Life before


It was during the War of Independence in the colony of America that Britain gained herself these unlikely allies. Black loyalists fought for Britain against the American colonists. Free blacks were joined by thousands of slaves who had been promised freedom and land by Britain if they joined in this

The programme at Nottingham Contemporary this autumn With its focus on Haiti and a number of international speakers, art exhibition, films etc – – Some highlights are:  Kafou: Haiti, Art and Vodou (20 October – 6 January) Film: Bitter Cane (30 October) David Scott on The Theory of

Frederick Douglass

“Let the Press of England Blaze with Antislavery Indignation!” Frederick Douglass in Britain 1845-1847 Rising to the podium with applause ringing in his ears, Frederick Douglass addressed a large crowd of over three thousand in Paisley, 1846. He urged the people of Scotland to denounce American slavery and to reject

BLACK HISTORY MONTH To mark Black History Month, The Africa Channel will be broadcasting some specially selected documentaries to inform, commemorate, inspire and raise debate. The UK Premiere of the intriguing five part series follows the life of Nelson Mandela, and uses his biography to tell a much broader story about the

Despite some 25 years of researching I have never managed to figure out how to file bits and pieces of interesting but ‘unconnected’ information. So, searching for something else, I came across my notes from this truly remarkable letter from Thomas Clarkson, in the collection of his papers at Wisbeach