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A reading list of books related to the ongoing Black presence in Britain, Slavery, colonialism and black Settlement in the U.K The list is by no means exhaustive! Books about Black British History Staying Power-The History of Black people in Britain by Peter Fryer (Pluto Press 1984) Black England-Life before


It was during the War of Independence in the colony of America that Britain gained herself these unlikely allies. Black loyalists fought for Britain against the American colonists. Free blacks were joined by thousands of slaves who had been promised freedom and land by Britain if they joined in this

Black Europe

Edited by Darlene Hine, Tricia Keaton & Stephen Small   “An elegant, imaginative, and penetrating intervention in the ethnographies and theories of race and community in the African diaspora. A masterful contribution to the growing field of Black European studies and to diaspora studies.” Mamadou Diouf, co-editor of New Perspectives on Islam

Nanes 18th Century

Visiting Nantes’ dark history in France: The Slavery trail in NANTES HISTORY MUSEUM My holiday this Olympic summer focused around my wish to experience the newly launched Slavery trail at Nantes History Museum which is housed in the 16th century Castle of the Dukes of Brittany. It has recently undergone

BLACK HISTORY MONTH To mark Black History Month, The Africa Channel will be broadcasting some specially selected documentaries to inform, commemorate, inspire and raise debate. The UK Premiere of the intriguing five part series follows the life of Nelson Mandela, and uses his biography to tell a much broader story about the

BME Health Initiative

15th October 2012 | LondonThere is increasing concern among service users, psychologists, social workers and some psychiatrists about the use of specific labels, especially ‘schizophrenia’, to describe complex problems of living; and the view is has growing that psychiatric labelling is damaging and promotes stigma. Black and some other ethnic

Pedro Negro Coat of Arms

Contributed Article by Miranda Kaufman. In a footnote to a recent article, 1 Gustav Ungerer concludes that ‘the career of the Spanish mercenary Pedro Negro under king Henry VIII is quite irrelevant to the study of the ideological conception of Othello’ because none of the available contemporary records‘mentions that Sir Peter

(Released 14th August 2012) In Celebration of the 2012 Notting Hill Carnival TWO Blue Plaques will be unveiled to honour the Pioneering Fathers of Europe’s largest Street festival. It was a sunny August afternoon in 1965, and an adventure playground in Ladbroke Grove was about to become the unlikely setting