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Cameron Attacks top Universities about low Black Entrance

Black Students conspicuous in their absence.
Black Students conspicuous in their absence.

The Prime Minister , David Cameron this week criticised Oxford University for only admitting One black student in 2010, a figure Oxford University dispute,

Mr Cameron was answering questions from members of the public at a “PM Direct” event in Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

“I saw figures the other day that showed that only one black person went to Oxford last year,” he said. “I think that is disgraceful. We have got to do better than that.”

Oxford University said that it was true that only one British undergraduate from that year’s intake identified him or herself as “black – Caribbean”.  But this failed to take into account another 26 who identified themselves as either “black – African” or “black – other”. A spokesman for the university added, Another 14 described themselves as mixed race with some black heritage.

Furthermore, these figures do not take into account postgraduates, non-British undergraduates, or undergraduates who preferred not to identify themselves as belonging to a specific ethnic group, he added.

However, Downing street responded by saying:

“The figure the prime minister used was from a response to an Freedom of Information request submitted by David Lammy – which clearly states that only 1 black Caribbean student was admitted to Oxford in 2009.

“The wider point he was making was that it is not acceptable for universities like Oxford to have so few students coming from black and minority ethnic groups.”

Shadow Higher Education Minister,David Lammy said Oxford University ;

“needs to show more humility about its woeful admissions figures”. This is an issue that is as much about the class and north-south divides as it is about race” He went on to say; “It is not acceptable that only one black Caribbean student entered Oxford in 2009. Nor is it clear that Oxford University is really committed to outreach work.

“They targeted private schools for 770 ‘outreach’ events in 2008 and 2009, including 11 at St Paul’s and 9 at Eton. This is an issue that is as much about the class and north-south divides as it is about race”.

“Oxford is taking more students from Richmond-upon-Thames than they are from Birmingham, Britain’s second largest city.”










3 thoughts on “Cameron Attacks top Universities about low Black Entrance

  • 14th April 2011 at 10:30 am

    I am not surprised at any of these figures at all, I am Mixed Race, I attended Watford Grammar in the 80s, I only ever recall one or two Black faces in the entire school, even today Watford Grammar has less than 1% Black pupils on its facebook, my life at WGBS was a nightmare from beginning to end, I was tortured & persecuted day in, day out, when I 1st entered the 6th form common room, the entire 6th form turned their backs on me, WGBS is a typical gateway into Oxbridge, many of my peers went straight to Oxbridge, no questions asked, however I am not surprised the British education system appears to be almost entirely segregated, the bog standard comps in SW9 where I now live are over 90% Black pupils, whereas the private middle schools in Clapham appear over 90% White. The old racial and class classification / streaming systems are alive and well in the UK, also racism is rife in the home counties, rural & suburban Britain, who wants to subject their Black children to an endless and relentless torrent of institutionalised & playground racist bullying & abuse? Who wants to be the 1st Black family on any posh suburban / rural street, not me thanks, I wouldnt relive that again for a million dollars. The UK will never move towards any semblance of fairness & equality until RACE RELATIONS AND INTEGRATION are forced into the national curriculum and the British are force-fed integrationism and universal equality & acceptance. It is also long overdue to disband the monarchy since they head this insipid & stagnant old class & colour-bar system, if Whites get the best jobs through sheer merit it is no wonder since Blacks & other ethnic groups didnt stand a chance in the 1st place – the UK education system was stacked against us…..

  • 15th April 2011 at 12:36 pm

    “People like us”. Clearly, Oxford and the like prefer to have students who share their particular background. Its interesting to note that these institutions seem to become completely colour blind when students are rich.

  • 6th May 2011 at 10:55 am

    Ergh guys Cameron was wrong and proved wrong by Oxford Uni’s own stats on ethnicity makeup of students


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